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Unitarian Universalist worship services are typically held on Sunday mornings. Children usually have Religious Education/Faith Development during worship. Children may or may not be present for the beginning of services. Many congregations offer a “Message for All Ages” to include the children in worship. Then teachers lead the children to their classes, while the adults “singing them out.” The adults remain for congregational prayer, readings, and a sermon. Major holidays like Christmas, Easter, the Buddha’s Birthday, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Mother’s Day, Flower Communion, Water Communion, and Children’s Dedication have intergenerational worship with adults and children together.

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Soldier’s Heart

Unitarian Universalist Army Chaplain Rev. Chris Antal is involved with this pastoral non-profit organization helping to heal the spiritual wounds of soldiers. The organization was founded by Edward Tick, Ph.D. and Kate Dahlstedt, LMHC, based on Tick’s groundbreaking book War and the Soul. Rev. Chris is available to answer questions about the organization and is also a Community Minister for the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

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